2016 – VII OITI Meeting

PANEL I  Indirect Transfer of Shares Reporter: Andrés Báez (UC3M – Spain) Chair President: Felipe Yáñez (Universidad de los Andes – Chile) PANEL II  BEPS: Action 7  Reporter: Yariv Brauner (University of Florida – USA) Chair President: Domingo Jiménez Valladolid (UAM – Spain)   PANEL III BEPS: Actions related to [...]

2016 ITMC Case Competition

I. Issues   Reymar Da Cresta Impossible Santos Junior (“Reymar Jr.”) is a famous soccer player at the Mártires Fútbul Club (“MFC”), a traditional soccer team in the Professional League at the State of CARIOCONIA. Reymar’s employment contract with MFC expires in July of 2017. However, the soccer player and [...]

2015 ITMC Case Competition

I. Entities MINING GLOBAL LTD. (hereinafter “MINING GLOBAL”) is a world-known leading mining company and a manufacturer of mining equipment. MINING GLOBAL was incorporated in 1975 in a country named DUNGA. MINING GLOBAL is liable to corporate income tax in DUNGA.

2014 ITMC Case Competition

OPREMA SOFTWARE is a company domiciled in PORIGI, and has positioned itself as a leading company after developing the software known as BUVA, which has revolutionized the telecommunications market. Furthermore, OPREMA SOFTWARE provides support and maintenance services for the BUVA software.

2013 ITMC Case Competition

Kabouter Inc is the head of a business group dedicated to the mining and energy sector, incorporated in year 1990 in Bentalia. The group has decided to begin its expansion in the Austral continent. For such purpose, Coalis was incorporated in Flamante in year 2008, a country that has an [...]

2012 ITMC Case Competition

Dustin Feaver is a famous pop singer that moved with his parents to the State of Residonia three years ago. During 2012 he has been singing all around the world but his agents concentrated significant efforts in concerts and performances in the State of Sourceonia where the amount of fans [...]